What has changed in Nature's Sunshine?

Over the past year, Nature's Sunshine has made changes to the brand, but on September 1, 2020, there were more changes that could be a bit confusing. Here are some simple lists of things that have changed and haven't changed, and then below that you can read more about what's going on.

What has changed

  • New logo
  • New bottles
  • New logo
  • New product names (particularly LBS II and ALJ)
  • Change of capsules
  • NNew Marketing Strategies / Initiatives for Distributors

What hasn't changed

  • Prices (no price increase in 2020)
  • Formulas
  • Property of Nature's Sunshine
  • The way you order (our ordering process hasn't changed, it's still as simple as ever)

Here is more information about these changes:

Why are things changing?

In general, Nature's Sunshine is adapting to changes in the market, such as the growth of online retail and the consumer trend towards vegetarian options and supply chain transparency. The nutritional supplement market has changed dramatically in the last two decades and staying the same is not an option for a company that wants to be competitive.

Logo change

Nature's Sunshine has changed logos many times throughout its 50-year history, but it has been a few decades since the last update. Here is a comparison of the old logo and the new one. (Please note that the new logo may appear on many different colored backgrounds .

New bottles and labels

The switch to new bottles and labels has occurred gradually throughout 2020, so you are likely to receive both new and old bottles / labels on your orders. Here is a comparison of the old and the new:

               OLD BOTTLE MODEL                                                      NEW BOTTLE MODEL

Products with new names

The two most prominent name changes involve two of Nature's Sunshine's most popular products:

Note that both products still reference the old name on the new label and are searchable on this site under the old name. The formulas are not modified.

A change from capsules to vegetable capsules

With the market becoming more vegetarian and vegan, Nature's Sunshine is slowly changing products that originally came in capsules to vegetable capsules. In most cases, these transitions are smooth and almost imperceptible, but in some cases, there is a slight change in the taste of the product. Probiotic Eleven is a good example of this.

New Marketing Strategies / Initiatives for Distributors

Because this website is aimed at consumers, we will not discuss all of the ways Nature's Sunshine has updated its business model here. If you'd like to discuss changes in the way Nature's Sunshine compensates its distributors, please contact us .

Things that change

If you are a consumer of Nature's Sunshine products, you shouldn't see any change in the way you order or in prices. In fact, our ordering process is exactly the same today as it was before September 1, 2020. Plus, regardless of the new bottles and labels, you can be sure the formulas haven't changed or the company's approach to making supplements. .